About Christopher Weaver

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Professional software engineer with 7+ years of experience. I have developed native mobile apps used by hundreds of thousands of people at conferences, tradeshows, and events. I have built backend systems that support social feeds, indoor navigation, and advanced analytic dashboards. My passion is C++ development and I consider myself a continual student of building fast and robust software systems.


  • C++
  • CMake
  • Boost
  • Python
  • SQL
  • PyTorch / SciKit-Learn
  • Flask/FastAPI
  • Native iOS Development / Swift

Personal Link to this heading

Born: February 25, 1990
Live: Yorkville, IL
Family: Husband and father of two
Religion: Christian
Hobbies: I enjoy reading and writing about philosophy. I like thinking about the implications of epistomology on politics, ethics, and the nature of the universe. I consider myself a Kantian in the tradition of Ludwig von Mises and Hans-Hermann Hoppe.

I also love hiking and live outdoor music.

My Experience Link to this heading

  • Assistant Director of Mobile Development / Senior Software Engineer at eShow
    • Team lead for mobile engineering team with up to five direct reports under me
    • Designed and built native mobile applications used for conferences, trade shows, and events. Applications that allow users to craft agendas, navigate conference centers with dynamic maps, socialize with others through private messaging or our proprietary social feed, take quizzes, and more.
    • Designed onsite applications that allow attendees to print their own badges, access their education credits, and scan into sessions using their badge.
    • Worked on server side services in Javascript, Java, and Python. These services were largely used for data pipelines to the mobile app including RESTful apis, push notifications, and analytical collections.
    • Built analytical tools in Python used for sentiment analysis on open ended survey questions, linear regression models for attendee behavior prediction, and dashboards for real time mobile app engagement.

Education Link to this heading

  • Northern Illinois University
    • M.A. Political Science
  • Illinois State University
    • B.S. Political Science
    • B.S. Philosophy

Technical Certifications Link to this heading

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